Creating family photos you will cherish for years is truly an honor for me. My goal is for you to love your pictures every single time you look at them, which is why I’ve put together these Tips on What to Wear for your Family Photos.

Portraiture has come a long way over the last several decades and one of the things any professional photographer pays attention to when photographing people is how they will look in the pictures. This includes paying close attention to clothing selection and the overall color palette of the family’s wardrobe. Therefore, whenever I schedule photo sessions, I include a design consultation to go over these things. Below is a great example of a page from my Style Guide, that I give to every client, to help determine a color palette.

I always want people to feel comfortable in what they wear, and to be sure it’s representative of who they are. That being said, some simple conversation about clothing types and colors can be the difference between a nice picture and a stunning photograph.
While everyone is different in terms of their preferences, and what looks good on them, there are a few rules of thumb to follow.

1) Try to stick with solid fabrics or very subtle patterns. Typically stripes, or bold prints can be distracting, especially if several people are wearing multiple patterns.

2) It’s ok to vary the type of clothing you wear. Not everyone has to dress identical, but wear outfits that express individual personalities. For some that’s a sundress, for others, jeans or shorts.



3) Don’t worry about everyone wearing the same color. As in number 2 above, the goal is to complement one another with the overall color palette.  

4) Where are the final images going to hang? Consider the color of your walls, and the surroundings of the room where the images will be when deciding what to wear as well.

Whether your family is being photographed in the studio, amongst the almond trees or at the beach, following these Tips on What to Wear for your Family Photos will help to ensure beautiful images that last a lifetime. Click here for more examples of family photos. 

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