Recently, I was honored to take headshots and branding photos for Nicole Grimm of Pure Purpose, and I just knew I had to feature her on my blog! This is a unique, and much-needed, business that helps small businesses bridge the gap in their technologies to make sure everything that runs your business runs smoothly! Read more about Nicole and her business from my interview with her below. 

1) Can you share about your business and who you serve?

We help businesses ditch clunky and outdated technology so that everything runs effectively and efficiently. We serve small to medium-sized businesses primarily, CEOs, CFOs, leadership level businesses, and business members so they can run their business smarter. We are located in Manteca, California but can help clients remotely anywhere in the world! 


2) What inspired you to start your business?

I was inspired to start my business because I saw the gap with local businesses that aren’t sitting in Silicon Valley. Let’s say, they’re not some super cool, new edge startup that can hire a bunch of engineers to build out massive systems around everything. I was trying to come up with a way to fill that gap to get them that information and the content they need to run smarter systems. It doesn’t have to be that hard or unattainable or only in Silicon Valley. In your tech meccas of the world, they may focus on the larger companies or larger case studies and leave everyone else! We focus on companies where the technology has gotten too big for one person to manage. So, you’ve likely been in business for at least a few years and have made do with what you have so far by patching together different technologies to make it all work. You may have someone taking care of this or it’s divided among a few team members. You just need an expert to come in and audit what you have and help improve your systems.

3) What’s the mission and vision of your business?

Our mission is to have our customer base gain access to smarter ways to work. It doesn’t have to be that hard and it doesn’t have to be unattainable. Many have unique businesses that’s why they’re in place. They may need customizations to certain apps or perhaps the way they do business is to sell commercial products.

We do serve an agnostic point of view on technology, and we know when we see a good one or a not-so-good one. We help them pick the ideal products for them or identify if they need custom products. So our vision is to have an attainable skill set for our customer base so they can achieve what the big guys down the street have who have a full dedicated team.

4) What’s a recent win for a client or the business

There are many, but here’s one. One local company was having a lot of issues with their systems staying on and running smoothly. For example, their email server was from 2007! They had been paying a service provider for years and have received no upgrades or support. We came in, performed a thorough audit, and help them implement a system that works for them. 

We always come to represent the customer base. That’s who is paying us. We’re not taking funds from other parties or have affiliates and have that compromise. We act as though we’re an employee for our customers. We come in and make sure we’re holding their service provider and technology provider to a standard that is acceptable which in turn allows them to actually conduct business and not be closing tickets and chasing things. The real benefit to our service is to take it beyond that. 

First things first are to make sure IT is working, which is the baseline, then we help them shop for expert service providers that they need, make sure they’re of acceptable caliber and that they’re aligned with the business size, complexity and that their IT service is a quietly humming machine so it can really advance the business forward and not hold them back.

5) What’s your biggest lesson learned? 

The importance of branding and communication to reach your customers. You have to show you are one of your customers and brand in a way you’re speaking their language. To be in the community articulating your message and clarifying your brand and what it is that you can actually do for them without techie speak is one of the challenges. Techie people really love technology and people that don’t love technology don’t. So we bring those two together. That’s been the biggest challenge is making sure we’re constantly speaking the correct language for our customers to take advantage of the smartest options.


6) How can readers support you? 

Please visit our website at www.pure-purpose.com. Check us out there or if they have any questions they can jump on a call with us. We’re available online for calls remotely.

If you have any inclinations that things should be easier, or don’t like the way things are so difficult, we’re really looking to help the community. You can help us by letting us help you. 

7) Why did you choose Rachael Venema Photography and how has it helped your marketing?

I chose Rachael for the branding session because I have seen her professional work in the past and was impressed with her attention to detail and approach.  She was able to capture my team and me in action, travel to customer locations, and produce authentic images that our ideal clients can relate to.

I have been able to utilize the images Rachael provided quickly on my website and marketing material.  We were able to directly tie results to a meeting with a partner within hours of publishing our new branding photos on our home page.  Not only did our prospective partner notice that we included real employees in our marketing material when meeting us in person, but he also recognized our customers which immediately increased our trust with them.


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