Having your entire family together in a beautiful place is wonderful. Now imagine that you get to capture your multi-family portrait in this beautiful place. Now it’s incredibly special! Recently, I was able to head to Pajaro Dunes with this incredible family to take a full family portrait. 

Planning a Multi-Family Portrait Session

This multi-family portrait session took some care and planning, but the final result is incredible. This year, the entire family was able to gather together for a time at the beach. This couple’s three daughters and their families all traveled from Australia, Texas, and California to spend time together. Since they had their entire family together, they decided to take a full family portrait.


It ended up being a day with full cloud cover, so we first went by the trees for a beautiful backdrop and then went to the beach and let the kids just play and have fun. I’m so happy we were able to capture the joy on the children’s faces as they were having the time of their lives.

Full-Service Multi-Family Portrait Photography 

A multi-family session is so much fun, but it takes careful planning to coordinate so many people. Full-service portrait photography means I could support this family in all the preplanning and product ordering. 

What to Wear 

I provide guidance on what everyone should wear for the portrait. All of my portrait clients receive this service when we work together. I’m happy to make suggestions for you to pass along to other family members or even look at photos of outfits before the session. 

Bringing Fun and Energy to the Session 

Rounding up all the kids doesn’t have to be stressful. As a Certified Professional Photographer and mom of three, I have lots of tricks up my sleeve so kids have fun and we can get the perfect portraits. For this session, the kids all got to pick a fun toy and some candy from my basket of goodies for the kids to have after the session.  They were so excited.

How to Display the Portraits 

After the session, I can help with designing, ordering, and (if local) installing your portrait artwork. Some clients prefer a matching portrait for every home, while some may allow their children to choose how they want to display their portraits.

Displaying Your Full Family Portraits

I’m so excited for my client. She’s been dreaming of a full family portrait, and now she will have it! These photos will be beautifully displayed in their home for her to enjoy seeing all of the ones she loves most in this world every single day.  

Modesto Family Photographer

As someone who lives far away from family, I know how special it is to see and spend time with family. Being able to capture and display this full family portrait for my clients is so special to me. If you’re dreaming of a full family portrait, I am here to help make this dream come true. Please send me a message with any questions or to schedule your session.

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