Put simply, photographs have always been a visual way to capture a memory. Whether it’s of an event, a beautiful sunset or a family portrait, looking at a photograph evokes emotions and reminds us of something we value.

Today, it’s so easy for just about anyone to take as many pictures as they want. There are 12 year olds who’ve never seen a roll of film, snap chatting pictures of their breakfast, their dog or their new sneakers to their BFF. But even in this day of constant and instant imagery, a purposeful portrait can still become a memory cherished years from now.

Anyone with children in their life knows how quickly they grow and change. They are taking their first steps, riding the school bus for the first time, getting their driver’s license, and you feel as though you only blinked your eyes for a moment. If you have a child that will be heading off to college or leaving your household in the near future, I can’t express how important it is to capture not only his or her high school senior portrait, but to include your family in the portrait session as well.

This was the case when I got together with the Boender family. Their oldest daughter was about to start her senior year and as we worked through clothing and location ideas for her senior photos, it became apparent that the family felt like it would be a good time for family portraits, too. But how does a busy family find time for a family portrait? Even now, with four kids and two working parents, it can be challenging to find time to get everyone together in one place at the same time. The dad was right in the middle of harvest season (think almost round-the-clock work) but he dropped everything to be a part of this family’s lasting memories.

In the years to come, who knows where life’s travels will take these four brothers and sisters, but because they understood the importance of these images to their parents, and with a little strategic time management, they now have a lovely wall-sized portrait to come home to, along with individual portraits of themselves to look back on.

Here is the wall layout we designed for the Boender’s family portraits.  They are now hanging up on their family room wall for them to enjoy every single day. Let me creating lasting memories of your family.  Contact the studio by completing this form or calling (209) 456-9353.  


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