I don’t think it’s a secret that Mom usually wants the family portrait sessions. Moms want professional photos of their beautiful family to treasure forever. Every mom in the world knows how fast the time goes, and annual family portraits are important for freezing time and capturing your kids as they are now. 

Family portraits are so important for your children too! I want to use this gorgeous family portrait session from last year to tell you a few reasons why. In fact, it was the 7-year-old daughter who asked for family portraits! This is the Sam Family, and, let me tell you, they are one special family! The mom, Karen, has her two beautiful children and also cares for her sister full-time. They’ve gone through so much, yet their family exudes so much love for each other. You’ll see it in their family portrait session.

5 Reasons Why Family Portraits are Important for Kids 

Here are the top 5 reasons why family portraits are so important and so special for your children!

  1. Capture Personalities 

Every child has a unique personality! A family portrait session offers the opportunity to capture that personality on film to look back on and treasure for years to come.  You and your child can look back on their portraits and remember what it was like as their personalities grew.

  1. Track Growth 

Each portrait marks each child’s growth over the years! Your family will look back on these family portraits and gush at how little everyone was and how much they’ve grown now. Your child will get to watch themselves grow up.


  1. Everyone’s in the Photos 

Mom, how often are you in the photo? We take so many pictures of our kiddos that we sometimes forget to make sure we are in them. Your children will want photos of you! Family portraits are a great way to make sure that mom is in the shot with her whole family.

  1. Make Picture-Perfect Memories 

You’ll look back on the portrait and remember how much fun it was to spend time with your family during the session. Your children will remember getting ready for their portraits and getting to spend quality time with their whole family. 


  1. Create Family Portrait Artwork 

Finally, your children get to grow up seeing their portrait artwork hung on the walls! Children usually love seeing photos of themselves, and they get to watch the family legacy displayed. How amazing to grow up visually seeing themselves grow as a treasured part of the family. This Sam family now has a beautiful album and wall art to enjoy in their home every single day! 

Karen left me a beautiful Google Review. This part sums it up the best, “We scheduled the drop-off. Rachael brought everything over. I had custom frames done through her for my pieces so that they were ready to be hung. Best part? Rachael hung them all for me. They’re all so beautiful! My daughter was ecstatic coming home and seeing them all hung up! I absolutely loved the whole experience with Rachael, beginning to end! I will definitely be using her services again. Highly highly recommend!”

Your Family Portrait Photographer in Modesto, CA

One of the best parts of my job is getting to know your family first so that I can carefully craft a session around you! What’s so special about that process is that I truly feel connected to the families I photograph. From there, I help with wardrobe and location guidance so that you don’t have to stress at all. 

The day of the session, I run the show while you enjoy the day with your family! The portrait session isn’t complete until your family portrait artwork is displayed in your home to be enjoyed. You’ll hear from past clients that I show up with tools to ensure everything is hung where you want it before I leave. If you’d like to schedule your family portrait session, please send me a message here.


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