The Central Valley experiences the most beautiful annual Almond Blossoms during the last two weeks of February. These gorgeous delicate blossoms are a sight to behold. It’s no wonder why so many people make the trek to see these blossom in person.

Before you jump in the car and drive, please know that many of the almond blossoms are on real working farms. These crops are their livelihood, and they want to avoid any damage to them. There are many opportunities to not only view the almond blossoms but have your portraits taken in front of them too. 

I have tips for planning your dream almond blossom session and why a full-service session might be ideal.

Planning Your Dream Almond Blossom Session

Many families dream of a portrait in the almond blossom orchard. It’s such a beautiful backdrop and unique to the Central Valley of California. I have a few tips for you to keep in mind as you plan your dream almond blossom photo session.


The weather during that time can be a little unpredictable, but sometimes the bad weather can pass quickly. Plan ahead so that you give yourself lots of time for the session just in case you need to wait for bad weather to pass. I always make sure to watch the weather and make sure we pick a date with the best weather the week of your session. 


Know Where to Go 

 Most of the orchards are private property and owned and operated by local farmers.  Please always ask permission to walk down the rows, as there are irrigation lines, bee boxes, and chemical sprays that you would need to be careful of. Also, it’s crucial not to break off any branches, as each bloom creates an almond pod where almonds come from.

Local Photographer

Find a trusted portrait photographer who’s actually from the area. This way, you can be sure to actually get the portraits and experience that you want.

No-Stress Fun Family Almond Blossom Sessions 

As a full-service portrait photographer, I approach the almond blossom sessions with quality over quantity. I truly want to take care of my clients so that they can fully enjoy their almond blossom session experience. You’ll end up with treasured family portraits on the walls. Leading up to the session, I take care of all the tedious planning. I’ll find the perfect almond blossom location, offer wardrobe guidance, and taking care of any details leading up to the session. On the day of the session, your family will be able to relax and enjoy their experience while we capture your family in front of the blossoms.

Exclusive Connection with Almond Farms

Over the last few years, I’ve built solid relationships with the farmers and have exclusive access to several area almond farms. This is huge as we will not have to worry about crowds, and you’ll know you’re getting the best trees with the best blooms at the time of your photo session. 

Almond Blossom Photography Sessions

As a Central Valley Certified Professional Photographer, almond blossom sessions are some of my favorites. Many past clients have shared with me that their family almond blossom portrait is one of their most treasured heirlooms. In order to offer the best experience, I only take on a very limited number of almond blossom sessions each year, so please reach out soon. 

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