We tend to think of creating albums for big life events such as weddings, big trips, or maybe even a family reunion. However, sometimes we forget that the biggest life event is made up of small, beautiful moments with our family. I believe that creating an heirloom family album is important not only for you and your loved ones but for future generations. After your family portrait photography session, your heirloom album will tell the story of your family through a lovingly designed art piece that you will cherish forever.

creating and heirloom portrait album

Digital Images Become Lost and Forgotten 

Today, we all have hundreds and thousands of photos on our phones and computers. While it’s wonderful that we can easily take as many photos as we want, the truth is that technology is always changing. It’s all too easy for your digital images to become lost or forgotten. How often do you sit and scroll through the photos on your phone to actually enjoy them? An heirloom album is a treasured book that you can hold in your hands and physically turn each page, soaking in each image. 

Tangible Family History 

How many of us wish we had an album of our grandparents or even great-grandparents? A custom heirloom album is the perfect way to document your family history. Future generations will have this priceless artwork to look back on and know their family history. Imagine being able to hand your children this heirloom portrait album with images of them as a child and telling stories about your family from their childhood.

heirloom album

Why Professional Quality is Worth It 

Investing in a professionally designed and printed heirloom album is well worth it. You can trust that your album will last through the decades and can be passed down for generations. 

Every album is custom designed, from the fabric or leather you select to the cover design with your name or year to adding special text to the inside of the album that gives details of who is in the photos and favorite quotes or a verse that is special to your family. I’ve even added a scanned image of the baby’s footprints or a letter from the parents that they hand-wrote, and I scanned into the album. 

I personally ensure that each heirloom album is absolutely perfect before delivering it to my client. I know that what I’m giving them is something that they will cherish forever. A big-box store just can’t match that quality and care.

Why is an heirloom important for your family

Tells Your Family’s Story 

Look around at the beautiful family that you’ve created. This was all made possible because you chose to create and nurture a family. Let’s celebrate that by documenting your family and preserving these memories for you. Your family’s story deserves to be preserved not just for you but for your children and their children. 

creating and heirloom portrait album

Central Valley’s Family Photographer 

As a mom of three busy kids, I know how precious your time is. If creating an heirloom family album is on your heart, I’d love to help you. My full-service family photography process starts with the end in mind so that we craft your custom session around creating your dream portrait artwork. Each image we capture during the session intentionally focuses on documenting your memories. If you have any questions or wish to schedule a consultation with me, please send me a message here. 

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