If you’re a soon-to-be mama, you might be wondering when you should book your newborn photographer. Do you need to book as soon as you know you’re pregnant? Or should you book a month or two out? First, know that you should book your newborn photographer before the baby is born. You don’t want to be navigating newborn life while trying to research and call photographers. 

Let’s walk through when you should book your newborn photographer by sharing five reasons to find and book your newborn photographer as soon as possible!

5 Reasons to Find and Book Your Newborn Photographer Soon | Central Valley, CA

Finding out that you’re pregnant is such a special moment in a mother’s life. It’s the start of a beautiful journey into Motherhood and one that comes with a lot of planning. Now that you have a baby on the way, you’ll need to work on the nursery, make your registry, and book your newborn photographer. 

Yes, you’ll want to find and book your newborn photographer as soon as possible. I’ve even had clients book with me before publicly announcing their pregnancy. (Don’t worry, your secret is very safe with me.) There are a couple of reasons why it’s important to book as soon as possible in your pregnancy.

1. Check It Off Your List

Your baby planning list is likely a mile long! It seems there is a lot to do before your baby makes his or her arrival. By booking your photographer as soon as possible, you now have this important task checked off, so you don’t have to worry about finding someone later.

2. The Session is Planned Ahead of Time 

Another reason that booking your newborn photographer early is so important is to plan out your session in advance. As a full-service photographer, I help my clients by starting with the end in mind. I make sure that we are prepped and ready so that my clients don’t have to worry about anything! We start with how they plan on displaying their photos and then we decide style, wardrobe, and whatever props will be needed. For this beautiful newborn session, we were able to source her flowers from Dutch Roots Farm.

Sadly, Kelli’s dad passed away this year and didn’t get to meet his new granddaughter, so we wanted a way to remember him. He had a love for photography, so we decided to include the small felt camera that you see here in this portrait as a way to include him in the session.

3. You Know What to Expect 

By booking early, you’ve built the relationship with your photographer so that you feel comfortable and confident in the session. You’ll know what to expect so that you are excited and ready the day of the session. I’m genuinely excited to meet my newest clients and see their mamas on the day of their newborn portrait session. 

4. You Won’t Miss Those Newborn Moments 

It sounds cliche, but the newborn phase goes so fast, and they’re never that small again. If you put off finding a photographer or book one a few weeks after the birth, you might miss out on those sweet newborn poses that are so dear.

5. Photographer Availability 

One of the most important reasons to book your newborn photographer as soon as possible is because of availability. For example, I only book a certain number of newborn sessions per month. I do this because we all know that due dates are very tentative, so I want to make sure I am available for my families when their babies are born.

Newborn Photographer | Central Valley, CA

As a mom of three and a Certified Professional Photographer, I not only know how to capture your sweet newborn safely, but I know how important it is to capture these portraits for your family perfectly. Throughout your child’s life, you will look back on her newborn portraits and smile, remembering what it was like when you got to hold her in your arms. If you think I could be the right fit for you, let’s schedule a time to chat. You can send me a message here to start the conversation.

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  1. Stephanie Honikel

    I think this is such helpful information for anyone looking to have this special time captured. Some new parents inquire after their baby’s arrival. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always guarantee a photographer’s availability. So I’m with you, inquire early and check it off your to do list 😉


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