Professional headshot and brand photos are a must for any professional today. Whether you’re working your way up the corporate ladder or building a business, brand photography will help you shine online and stand out from the crowd. 

Most of the time, headshot clients come to me because they know the importance of having professional images. Sometimes clients are excited about their session, and some may not look forward to having their picture taken. Either way, almost every client asks about wardrobe. They aren’t sure what to wear for such an important image. One that will represent them online and could be someone’s first impression of them. That’s a lot of pressure for one outfit! 

All my headshot and brand clients receive dedicated wardrobe guidance, but I want to share some tips on what to wear for your headshot and brand session with you here.

What to Wear for Your Headshot 

You’ll use your headshot across social media, your website, speaking engagements, and more. This image will serve as your first introduction to many people, so we want it to look and feel like you while making sure you can use the photo for a while. 


Classic Clothing Pieces – For headshot photography, I recommend classic clothes that will look good for a year or more (depending on your needs). You don’t want your headshot to have last year’s fashion trends and stick out online. 

Snug Fitting – You’ll want to wear clothes that fit you well and give your body some shape. Not loose or tight. Loose-fitting clothing will make you look larger in the photo, and tight-fitting clothing will look awkward and uncomfortable. 

Bright Colors – If bright colors are your thing, don’t be afraid to wear them for a headshot! The classic, snug-fitting clothing you choose with a pop of color will help you be eye-catching online.  Just be careful of your skin tone as certain colors can make your skin look more red, etc.

What to Wear for Your Brand Session


Come to your brand session with a framework of how you’ll use your images. For example, are these for social media? For your Client Welcome Guide? Your website? Knowing your goals helps us plan your outfits so that you can use them accordingly.

Multiple Outfit Changes – I recommend bringing multiple outfit changes to your brand session. Having multiple outfits results in a variety of images and helps extend the life of the session and gives you a nice variety of images to choose from. 

Brand Colors – Wearing brand colors enables you to create a consistent brand presence online. However, I don’t usually recommend wearing only brand colors. It can be too much if your brand colors are pink and gold and you only wear pink and gold. Instead, have pops of pink and gold throughout your outfits (for example, with your accessories, jewelry, or your shirt underneath a neutral jacket) to tie in the brand colors.

Comfort and Style – I want you to feel happy and comfortable for this session. As with the headshots, wear clothing that fits your shape well, so that you look great on camera. If you never wear cocktail dresses, don’t wear one for the session – because it’s not you! Choose clothing that you love and would normally wear.  Unless you want a celebration photo, then bring that fancy dress so we can create a fun celebration photo for you and your next event.

Be Bold, Be You! – Here’s the fun part about a brand session, you can be bold. If you typically wear bold pieces, you certainly can for the session. Our goal is for these photos to make a great first impression, so be you.

The Number One Tip to Looking Great for Your Brand Session

My number one tip is to treat yourself to a trip to the salon and/or spa before your session! Not only will you feel relaxed and ready for the session, but you’ll feel great. Feeling great = great photos. I don’t recommend completely changing your look right before the session, but this might be a perfect time to treat yourself to a haircut or nails. Plus, my hair and makeup artist will make you feel confident and ready for your photo session.  So going to her salon on the morning of your session will have you feeling completely ready for your photo session.

Headshot and Brand Photographer 

As a business owner myself, I completely understand the anxiety around choosing what to wear for your headshot and brand session. By offering wardrobe guidance to my clients, I help to remove some of the anxiety so that you wear what makes you comfortable and happy. I truly become invested in my brand clients’ success and want to help them make a splash online through professional brand images. If you’re interested in scheduling your session, please send me a message here.


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