Do you not love your current headshot and dread taking another one? You are far from alone. I hear it all too often from professionals who don’t like their current headshots. Maybe you don’t like your headshot because your previous experience was rushed or DIY. There are a few signs that it’s time for a new headshot, such as getting a promotion, celebrating a business milestone, or even starting a new business venture. There is a better way to capture a headshot that you’ll actually love and will feel like you. I’d love to introduce my signature headshot experience to you.

Professional Headshot Experience


We start by connecting during our initial conversation. While this may seem unnecessary, it’s so beneficial to your successful headshot session. I love getting to know my clients and hearing their stories. Whether you are a business owner or a professional, it’s good to know more about what you do and your why. I try to learn what makes you stand out from the crowd. Connecting prior to the session will help me plan the perfect session for you. 

What to Wear 

I offer wardrobe guidance with all my photography sessions. It can be daunting it can be to choose your outfits for such an important session. I help clients by assisting with online shopping for them and sending over links of ideas. Or, I can even go through your closet to help you select what works best. We’ll make sure you have the right outfits ready to go on the day of your session.

Hair and Makeup

Before the session, you’ll head to the salon to have your hair and makeup done by my trusted stylist. This isn’t the time to change your hair or try a new makeup trend. Instead, the stylist will give you a blowout and apply natural, classic makeup. You’ll feel pampered, relaxed, and confident walking into your session.

Warm Up 

Once you’re at the studio and ready to begin the session, we don’t just take a few photos and call it a day. I’ll make sure you feel comfortable and ready to begin. We’ll start with a few simple warm-up poses to get any jitters out and make sure you’re feeling good about everything. Then we have some fun!

Fun and Stress-Free Headshot Session 

We have a plan going into the session to ensure you get the images that you need. But it usually ends up being a lot of fun while we work together to capture you and your personal brand through photography. We will even have some music of your choice playing to help you relax. Whether you love to shake it off or need calming, relaxing music… I got you covered! You can trust me to keep the session light and stress-free while also moving along through the different poses.  Always making sure you are posed to look your best and smiling with a natural smile.

Make Sure You Love Your Photos

You’ll actually get to see the photos before you even leave the studio. I’ll quickly pull up the raw images from the camera and show you on the computer to make sure you’re happy with what you see. Remember, I will edit and lighten your photos, so we’re looking to make sure you’re happy with your smile, facial expressions, poses and variety. You’ll select the best images that represent them. 

Central Valley, CA Headshot Photographer 

There is a way to actually enjoy the headshot process and love the results. When we start with connection, we focus on what’s the most important, and that’s showcasing YOU. As a Certified Professional Photographer and business owner myself, I understand the importance of getting the right headshot that you actually love.

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