I always love when I get to reach out to my clients to schedule their child’s first-year portrait session. Their response is usually, “Where did the year go!?” The first year of your child’s life goes by so fast. Taking first-year portraits is the perfect way to pause and document this momentous moment in your child’s life. Not only that, this is a momentous moment for your whole family.


When I reached out to this client, they wanted their son’s first-year portrait session to include the rest of the family as well. This was extra special for me because I had taken their daughter’s first-year birthday photos too! It was fun to see her now as a loving big sister to her baby brother.  

I love when clients want to include their family during a first-year session! Documenting your family’s growth is just as important as your child’s first birthday. Plus, having everyone in the studio is a lot of fun. We took first-year portraits of their son along with photos of the kids together and of the whole family.

Benefits of a Studio Portrait Session

There’s nothing wrong with an on-location portrait session, but there are a few benefits of a studio portrait session that I’d love to share with you.

1. Rain or Shine (or sun) – Heat won’t reschedule your family portrait session which is very important with your busy schedule. Your session will take place on the scheduled date and time, no matter the weather inside our air-conditioned studio. 

2. Contain Kids – As we take your child’s first-year portraits, your other children will be close by and entertained. We won’t have to worry about wrangling them to the session when it’s their turn. Plus, I love finding little jobs for them to do so that they feel part of the session. I even have a little wood camera in the studio so that your child can pretend to take photos of their sibling and be part of the experience! In fact, I’ve been told that the child plays “photo session” or pretends to be a photographer long after the session.

3. Nearby Amenities – There are bathrooms nearby and air conditioning on hot days. No worrying about trekking to the perfect spot or having to take a long potty break. The important amenities are nearby and convenient for you!

4. Privacy – With the studio, you won’t have to worry about other people watching during your family portrait session. Even the most camera-shy clients of mine always feel comfortable in the privacy of the studio.

5. Studio Wardrobe – Preparing for your session should be fun and not stressful. With our (growing) client wardrobe, clients are able to choose their outfits for the session without having to worry about spending hours shopping. We have clothing for baby boys, little girls, and moms. We shop locally as much as possible for the best pieces.

Hidden Benefit of a First Year and Family Studio Session

I think a hidden benefit of a studio session is that this style of session truly focuses on you and your love for each other. A fun background is nice, but with a studio backdrop, your beautiful faces that radiate joy are the focal point of your portrait. It’s a timeless and classic look that will be beautiful on display in your home.

Modesto Studio Portrait Photographer 

As your Modesto area studio portrait photographer, it’s always a highlight to welcome your family to my studio space. I always want clients to feel like they’re seeing a good friend. With my studio, we never have to reschedule due to weather, and your whole family will feel comfortable and welcome. Once your family steps into the studio, I handle everything from there. I want you to be able to sit back and enjoy your portrait experience. If you’re interested in scheduling your family portrait session, please contact me here.

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