I love receiving holiday cards every year. It’s the one time a year when it’s a joy to check the mail and see who sent cards. With social media, it’s easy to share family photos with a click of a button, but there’s something so special about seeing which photograph your friends and family chose as their official family photo of the year. 

As much fun as receiving holiday cards is, the truth is that they are a lot of work to make and send! Moms already have a huge holiday to-do list, and this task can feel like too much. I’ll be honest and share that I didn’t even send cards out last year. Something had to be taken off the list, so I chose that. I do love sending them and plan on doing it again in the future. 

Throughout the year, I’ve thought about how I can make this process stress-free for my portrait clients. Here is how to make and send holiday cards without any of the stress this year. 

Full-Service Family Photography 

As a Modesto, CA full-service family photographer, I do things a little differently. My clients experience a stress-free experience from the initial phone call to enjoying their portrait artwork on the walls. Each session is fully customized to the family resulting in an enjoyable experience that results in images and artwork that they’ll cherish forever. 

After the session, my clients return to the studio for their image reveal. We get to look through all of their amazing images together while the client selects their absolute favorites. After we have the favorites, I’m able to mock up their portrait artwork right then and there so you can actually see how your artwork will look in your home. 

Professionally Printing Your Holiday Cards

Once you have your favorite family portrait, I can create your holiday card for you too! I can design your card, and after your final approval, I can send your card to my professional printer. They use the highest quality paper so that you get an elegant card that will stand out from the big box stores. 

My printer can use beautiful customized text on the front and the back of the card in beautiful foil print. If you input the names and addresses into a spreadsheet, along with your return address, they can be printed directly on the envelope for you. All you need to do is add a stamp and send them in the mail. You could knock it out during one Hallmark Christmas movie. 

Why Outsource Holiday Cards 

Imagine being able to send out custom, high-quality holiday cards in just minutes. After your portrait session, I will only need your favorite image, approval, and holiday card list. That’s it! Then I can take care of this holiday project for you, and you get to look forward to everyone receiving your card. Your cards will still have a personal touch because of the portrait on them. 

Modesto’s Full-Service Portrait Photographer

I’m always improving my full-service portrait process and looking for ways to make your life easier. Offering stress-free holiday cards for my portrait clients is a no-brainer. I’d love to offer this to you. Not a portrait client? I’d love to share more about my unique full-service portrait process here. Feel free to message me with any questions. 

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