Spring Creek Golf & Country Club 

Meet the member-owned championship golf course and club, Spring Creek Golf & Country Club. This club is nestled along the ​​Stanislaus River in Ripon, CA. This beloved golf course and country club features a serene atmosphere along with stunning views of the course. It’s the perfect place to play the game you love or spend time with your friends and family. 

Besides the luscious green golf course, the grounds feature a beautiful walnut grove, oak trees scattered throughout the course, and the back fairway along the picturesque river. In fact, it’s one of the top 8 fall photo session locations around Ripon, CA! Learn more about membership, hosting your upcoming event at this venue, their signature local event, family photos, and more. 

Membership at Spring Creek Golf & Country Club 

Next, let’s talk about membership. When you become a Spring Creek Golf & Country Club member, you’re joining an incredible community! The homes along the golf course are the Spring Creek neighborhood and Barton Ranch neighborhood, but you don’t need to live there to become a member. They offer different membership types from a social membership to a full golf membership. Bonus, members can go there for dinner every day! You can learn more about membership on their website.

Considering Spring Creek Golf & Country Club for Your Venue?

Now, let’s talk about events! This beautiful venue is a popular choice for major events. Whether you’re getting married, hosting a reunion, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, anniversary party, or any other type of gathering, this venue offers exceptional accommodations for your big event.  

Many weddings like to take advantage of their iconic oak tree with a V in the trunk that is the perfect ceremony backdrop with that tree as the focal point. Spring Creek Golf & Country Club’s talented event planning team will take care of every detail for you so you can enjoy your event!

Popular Events at Spring Creek Golf & Country Club in Ripon, CA 

This golf club hosts various golf outings and fundraising events throughout the year, but the biggest local event is Rhythm on the Range! Rhythm on the Range is an outdoor concert that helps raise money for local charities. Ripon looks forward to this event that is super fun and supports organizations doing good things in our community. Hosting a charity event every year speaks volumes about this amazing local venue that intentionally gives back to the community.

Family Photography at Spring Creek Golf & Country Club

This is a popular venue for family portraits with its gorgeous backdrops. Your Ripon, CA family photographer Rachael Venema Photography has the ability to photograph families that are members of the club. This venue is a perfect photo location spot all year long.

Spring Creek Country Club family photography is a great choice for members! This venue offers a beautiful setting for portraits whether or not you’re passionate about golf. If you are a golf family, you can incorporate that into your photos. These treasured multi-generational family photos at Spring Creek Country Club and Golf session captures the love this family has for each other and the great game of golf. 

Grandfathers can spend quality time with their grandsons on and off the course. The entire family can enjoy each other’s company and the amenities of the club. It’s a special place for many families, so it’s wonderful to be able to capture these moments for families to create heirloom family portrait artwork. 

Senior Photos at Spring Creek Golf & Country Club 

Not only is it important to find out when the best time to take senior photos is, but it’s also essential to find a meaningful location for your senior photos! Members with seniors love having their senior portraits taken on the course because it’s a beautiful place with many happy memories. Recently, Rachael Venema Photography was honored to capture a senior golf photo session and of a senior who has been to some top golf tournaments around the country. 

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