This adorable family requested Spring Creek Country Club for the location of their family portraits.  They have a ton of great family memories there, so it was a place that was natural and comfortable for them to be as a family.  When Jimmy, Kayla and their girls arrived, they were ready to show me the beautiful grounds and we started their portraits by the grove of Walnut Trees.

You can tell this family just adores each other.  The way Kayla looks at Jimmy and how Jimmy just loves Kayla and the girls.  Seriously they are the sweetest thing ever.  Their girls are not afraid to be your friend and tell you all about what they love to do and they were totally ready to pose for the camera.

Prior to the session I had Kayla answer some questions about her family and I just love what she wrote about her girls.  “My children are rockstars!  They both are so  different and we love that about them!  Dani is my adventurous free-spirit child, who just wants to be outside playing and trying new things.  We love that she never gives up when she is trying something new.  She loves to be surrounded by people and has a heart for those that are alone or sad.  She just wants to make them happy and be goofy and fun.  Kennadi is my strong-willed leader, that is also very organized and loves to be in control.  I love that she is strong-willed and will be an amazing leader throughout her life!  She also loves the outdoors and is very adventurous and brave!”

As you can tell these girls have proud parents and the girls take after their parents.  Their girls are going to do some amazing things with their lives.  It will be exciting to see where God leads them as they get older.  Because if they are this amazing at such a young age, they truly are going to be used in amazing ways.

The sun began to set and their family sat in the grass and talked, laughed and hugged each other.  You can tell they truly enjoy being together.  This family loves being outdoors and doing fun things together from kayaking to paddle boarding, wake surfing, snow skiing, hiking, and just going for a walk.   As long as they are outdoors and on some adventure together, they are living their best life!  One of my favorite images from their portrait session, is of them standing, looking at each other and the sun flare is surrounding them in this amazing glow.

If you’ve met this family, then you know how amazing they are.  You immediately feel like you’re apart of the family.  It truly was an honor to create their family portraits and to capture the love this family has for each other.  If you have met them, then you know that even through all their struggles.  All their ups and downs in life, they dust themselves off and keep going.  It’s amazing to see where God has brought them so far and I know God has even more amazing plans for their future.  I am truly honored and inspired by this family.

Here is a slideshow of all of their portraits from their session.  They chose 3 large prints to be displayed above their living room sofa.  Which I love that they will get to enjoy those portraits every day.  So on those tough days, when things don’t go as planned or even on those great days when something exciting or surprising happens… they can look at those portraits and see the love and joy they have as a family.  What a treasure that is to possess!

Click PLAY on the slideshow from their family portraits!

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