Business Name: Divine Salon & Spa
Owner:  Heather Hernandez
Contact Info:
113 W Main Street, Ripon, Ca, 95366
(209) 954-6176
Instagram: @divinesalonandspa


How has your business been affected by the Corona Virus?
Being shut down for 15 weeks of 2020 has created a huge income dip for us. We are trying to stay positive but being shut down 50% of 2020 has been hard on all of us. We have seen so many beauty professionals quit the industry and businesses closed. California is the only state where salons are not open and we aren’t being told why when we are trained in disinfection, sanitation and blood bourne pathogens. We need to get these businesses open or you will continue to see small businesses closed their door permanently.
What does your business mean to you?
My business means the world to me. Our clients look forward to each appointment, they are always excited to come in. To see their smile when we turn our client around to reveal their new look, is so rewarding. For our industry, it’s so much more than just a job. The bond we have with our community is unlike any other. When we see our clients every 4-6 weeks we have a intimate relationship with them. We share each journey life takes them on, their first boyfriend, marriage, joy in having their first child after struggling to grow their family, cancer diagnoses, vacations, and even until they pass away. We help them feel not only restored on the outside, but on the inside as well.
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What have you done to survive during this time?
I have prayed long and hard about what moves I need to make for not only my business but for my industry. Right now we are trying to get the word out about the injustice our industry is seeing as a whole. My plan is to rally as one unified industry on Tuesday at the capitol to show Governor Newsom we are united. We have contacted news stations and local salons to rally with us.
How do you keep a positive mindset during this difficult time?
To be honest this has been a challenge. As a team we have struggled with feeling uncertain and forgotten by our governor. We know we are a strong team, with many years of experience and determination. This is what has kept us going, our industry is stronger and more capable than we have been given credit for. We are grateful that this difficult season gives us the opportunity to bring awareness, and more respect to our profession. We will overcome.
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How has this affected your family?
The ripple effect of 2020 will follow us for years. My husband and I have 4 children. Sports being canceled has been difficult, canceled birthday parties, not gathering for family events like normal, distant learning they have taken on a lot of life pressures we never did as children. We will get through this as we do everything else stronger than ever but we may have some battle scars at the end. 🤣
Why do you like doing business in Ripon?
We happened upon the salon for sale 7 years ago on accident we were planning on starting a new business in Manteca. None of the buildings available were working out and that’s when we came to check out what is now Divine 7 years ago almost exactly. At the time I was already living in Ripon but never really came downtown except to grab a pizza now Ripon has become home. It’s an amazing community to raise my family and the support our business sees from the community, police department, city of Ripon and especially our Chamber of Commerce is like no other city I’ve seen. We are proud to have a business in Ripon and will do everything possible to keep our business here and open.
How can we as a community help you?
Join us in spreading awareness. We need our local government and health officials to help us, contact them via email or by phone. They need to know our consumers care and feel safe in our salon environment. Reach out to your stylist, let them know how much you appreciate and support them. We dedicate so much of our lives to our career and community, please help us, we need you.
Please help by contacting the following:
  • Governor Gavin Newsom: https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail/
  • San Joaquin County Public Health
    Attention: Dr. Maggie Parks
  • State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology
Anything else that you would like to say?
Thank you Rachael for bringing awareness and support to small businesses, we appreciate you! We are stronger together, and look forward to having each of you back in our chairs soon!

Want to feature your business in our “Save Small Businesses” project? 

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