Ripon’s Almond Blossoms

We’re so lucky to live in a place that features beautiful almond blossoms. Most people never get to see an almond farm, much less take in the lovely blooms each spring. Fun fact, Ripon citizens tend to pronounce almond like “A-mond” with a long “A” and no “L!” Anyway, almond blossoms feature a delicate white and pink flower with five petals that lead into a deep purple center. Even better, these flowers offer a delightful scent! 

In some cultures, the almond blossom is the symbol of spring and offers those who view them a sense of renewal and hope. This guide will share more about how Ripon treasures its beloved almond blossoms with two featured local events and why many families chose to have their portraits taken there. 

Annual Almond Blossom Festival

Each year, the Ripon Chamber of Commerce presents the annual Almond Blossom Festival. Locals and visitors alike look forward to this event every year as it provides an opportunity to have some family-friendly fun during February when the blossoms are in full bloom. Folks of all ages can find an event that’s perfect for them! 


Almond Blossom Festival Highlights –

  • Carnival
  • Vendor Fair 
  • Fun Run 
  • Almond Blossom Parade
  • Diaper Derby 

The carnival and vendor fair takes place at the Mistlin Sports Park. The carnival has games and rides for kids of all ages to enjoy springtime fun. The vendor fair features local businesses, organizations, and food to check out and support. It’s so lovely for the almond blossoms to provide a reason to celebrate during spring!

Miss Almond Blossom and Miss Ripon Competition

One of the most important Almond Blossom Festival events is the crowning of Miss Almond Blossom! This competition identifies one female high school junior who lives in Ripon and crowns her Miss Almond Blossom! She then becomes Miss Ripon and serves in her role during her senior high school year! What’s so special about this is that the Miss Almond Blossom competition is focused on serving the community and creating confidence in these amazing young women. The winner volunteers with the Chamber and encourages community involvement at local events. It’s a wonderful opportunity for these young ladies to showcase their hard work throughout their school years. 

Almond Blossom Family Photography 

It’s likely no surprise that many local families want their family portraits taken during the almond blossom season. Who wouldn’t want to capture their growing family in front of these delightful blooms? There are certain connections and guidelines that need to be followed in order to respect the farmers and keep their crops safe. Find a Ripon family photographer who is experienced photographing on the almond farms!

Rachael Venema Photography loves being the go-to almond blossom photographer and has taken many family portraits in front of the lovely blooms. She loves getting to know her families and capturing the perfect photo to display in your home as family portrait artwork. As an experienced and highly-trained photographer, she is more than happy to photograph families with special circumstances. No matter what, she’ll be able to take your beautiful family’s portrait that you will treasure forever. 

Supporting Our Ripon, CA Community  

Our Ripon, CA almond blossoms do indeed promote renewal and hope by sharing their beauty with us each spring. Ripon Photographer Rachael Venema believes that supporting the community is what helps us all thrive. In fact, she was awarded the 2020 Ripon Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year. Through her community involvement and mentorship, she’s on a mission to help everyone grow to their full potential.