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Do you ever remember your parents saying to you “It’s time we sit down and talk” and you knew it was serious?  Well, we need to have a serious conversation today. As a photographer that does Ripon CA family photos, I need you to listen.

We are the MOST photographed generation of all time, yet there will be no pictures for our future generations to see.

Why?  Because we rarely print these images that we take each and every day.  I know you might be asking, why would I want to print these daily snap shots?  Let me tell you…

These are floppy disks.  These were in common use just 20 years ago.

What would you do if your grandparent handed you one of these and said, here are my photos.  Enjoy!

You’d start wondering how in the world you are going to get them off that disk!  Right?! You might even wonder, why did my grandparent not print those files instead of giving me this floppy disk that is no longer able to be used?

Now go back within the last 8 years or so… remember these?

Yes, those are CD’s.  You might be able to find a computer that still has a CD/DVD drive, but they are becoming obsolete as well.  Pretty soon you’ll have the same problem with getting your images off a cd.

Now let’s look at today…  “The Cloud”

Where are your digital files?  Your phone, your computer, your ipad/tablet, online, external hard drive, etc.  Even if you do have an organized system in place, if something happens to you can your family find all those images?

What if your phone breaks or hard drive fails?  Have you thought through all of this?

Digital files can be so easily lost or forgotten.  So often I hear these words

“I’m devastated, my computer died and I lost all of my images” or my phone or external hard drive …

Now, look at this…  A print.

Do you know the average lifetime of a print is at least 100 years.  Pretty amazing isn’t it!?

Why am I posting about all of this?  To get you thinking. Do you still have those digital images from your last portrait session sitting on your computer or a cd in your drawer or, gasp, maybe you never even downloaded them!

Our lives are so busy that we don’t take the time to sit down and sift through the images and figure out how to display them or put them in an album.

For your every day images I encourage you to get a slip in album or even a shoe box and start printing off your images.  There are so many neat online printing companies. Some even give you prints for free!

For your family portraits, I encourage you to hire a photographer that assists you with choosing images to display on your walls or in albums.

I promise you, your generations will be so thankful to have those images.

Do you want to hand your generation this?

or would you like to give them this?

I’ll let you decide… Is investing in your family’s history and memories worth it?  

Open a photo album, display your kids photos on your walls and you will see how your kids/family react to seeing them… you will soon find out if it is worth it or not.

Rachael Venema Photography is a full-service, portrait photography business.  What does “full-service” mean?  We literally hold your hand throughout the entire process so the prints and heirloom products that you purchase are well thought out.  From your wardrobe, to the location, to where to display them in your home… we help you every step of the way.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation if you’re interested in a portrait session for your family.

Now go print your images or let us help you design some heirloom portrait artwork.  

Give your family the gift of memories that you can actually hold in your hand.