You might think that only actors or writers need professional headshots, but in reality, there are so many careers that can benefit from well-done headshots. Whether you own your own small business, or work for a large firm, an image of you is also the face of the company.

Yes, an actor’s portfolio typically has a headshot. An author is usually on the inside or back cover of his/her book. But think about all the other headshots you’ve seen. Maybe you walk into your doctor’s office and all the physician’s in that practice have their picture on the wall in the waiting room. Or you are buying or selling a home; your realtor’s picture is on his/her business card. You follow one or more social media influencers; it’s very likely you will find a headshot of that person in their profile.

I could go on and on about WHO has professional headshots, but the more important part of this conversation is WHY? Human beings, for the most part, have always been visual learners. When we see something, it becomes more real to us. In this era of breakneck speed technology, we are consumed by visuals to the point where it’s become a sub-conscious expectation. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In many careers, we don’t have the opportunity to meet someone in person, at least not initially. An image of us can be the first indication of our personality, style, brand and more. And that’s the great thing about headshots; they can be designed to send subtle messages about who we are and what we represent. For more details about the importance of headshots, check out this article

A financial planner probably wants to come across as someone who is serious and will be wise and cautious with your money. He or she will likely be wearing a suit in his/her picture. A yoga instructor wants to appear strong and healthy so he or she would likely be in workout clothes, light make up, if any. You get the picture. Whatever your career path, however you would like the world to see you, a professional headshot is the first step in creating an image that truly portrays you and your brand, as well as sets you apart from your competition.

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