I’ve written before about the importance of printed photographs. I’m a huge proponent of taking those memories and making them into something tangible; something you can touch and feel. Some people choose wall portraits while others opt for linen folio boxes of matted prints. (Some people can’t decide and choose both!)

Often, I fall into discussion with clients, friends and other photographers about the relevance of printed photographs. More and more, we find ourselves in a digital world and it’s so very easy to take a picture you might possibly never look at again. When you print an image, the visual is a constant; there to remind you of the reason the photograph was taken in the first place. I stumbled upon this article that makes a lot of the points I agree with. The comment that resonated most with me was this:

While I can hardly recall any of the images I just scrolled through online, I can still remember some of the images in the photography magazines I read as a kid.”

Think back…do you remember the last images you looked at in your phone? Probably not. Do you remember your grandparents wedding picture, or the baby picture from the hospital the day you were born? My guess is you do, because you had some kind of continuous visual reminder in print of these images.

These fabric folio boxes make exquisite gifts for family, new moms, and high school seniors. The mats are put together by hand and the prints have a fine linen texture finish with a lustre coating for protection. There is an array of fabric colors to choose from. It’s truly an impeccable and beautiful way to display your precious memories.

The special part of these folio boxes is that the prints can be kept in the box and viewed as an unbound album, or you can display the prints on an easel or place them in frames for on a gallery wall. Ultimately, however you choose to display your prints, having them in your home, shows your children, spouse, parents and other loved ones, how much they mean to you. Years from now, when you look at those images, you’ll be able to recall that special time in your life and share stories with those closest to you.

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