In last week’s blog, I shared some very special portrait photography with you. I worked with the Grimm Family to create a wall full of family memories which both they and I were delighted with upon its completion. I thought it might be fun to share a little behind-the-scenes look at how this project began, and the challenge we faced seeing it come to fruition.

In addition to some new portrait photography that I had created with the Grimms, Nicole had some family photos from other photographers, as well as images she had taken of her boys, herself. The hard drive that she had the pictures on, had stopped working suddenly and it took an IT expert two weeks to recover the photos she needed.

It really felt like Nicole and I were a team, working on this important family project together. As Nicole so kindly said, “Sharing my vision is all it took, nothing more than chatting with the right person at the right time. Soon enough my vision came to life.”

Being a wife and a mom myself, it’s easy to empathize with any family that wants to create memories that last a lifetime. One of the things Nicole appreciated was that I wanted to take the time to help her get this done right, even if that meant it took some extra time. We worked together to select images, wait to see if those lost images could be restored, ordered and chose frames. In addition, I had taken a photo of her wall so that she and I could brainstorm about the portrait layout. Below are before and after photos of the wall.

While the Grimms have always valued their family portrait photography, after this experience, Nicole feels even more strongly about having her family and children’s pictures printed, so that even if a digital file goes missing, she’s always got that printed picture to look at and love.

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