Healing through Storytelling Portraits 

You are an inspiration. 

You were created for a purpose. 

Let’s celebrate your journey and where you are today!

Tell Your Story Through Photography 

You’ve been on an incredible journey that deserves to be documented. Sharing and documenting your story will help others along in their own journeys. Someone else has probably gone through something similar, and you have no idea how your story could help them in their journey.  

The truth is, they need to hear your message.  

A pebble thrown into the water causes many ripples…. You are that pebble, and your story can cause so many ripples and affect so many people in their journey.

These storytelling portrait sessions capture humanity, and the obstacles you’ve endured and celebrate the long-lasting impact you have on the world by sharing it with generations to come.  This is meant to change the world for the better, to celebrate who you’ve become and the impact you have on those around you.

I’m here to listen to your story. 

You are loved.

You are valued. 

You are worth it. 

Rachael’s Story 

This year, I was put on a path to discover the next layer of my purpose in life. For as long as I remember, I’ve had an innate ability to connect with others. Everywhere I go, I’m connected with individuals who share their stories. From women’s groups to quick trips for coffee, amazing stories find me. Some are filled with heartbreak, trials, and sadness, while others are filled with rebirth, empowerment, and forgiveness. 

What they all have in common is HOPE. 

From stories of young girls who experience bullying and heartbreak only to realize their true beauty and power, all the way to the mom who realized her husband was living a double life – yet has come out the other side resilient – these stories are the legacy that builds hope and love. 

These stories prove that we are unshakeable. 

These stories prove that we’ve always had what it takes. 

These stories are the legacy for our children and for generations to come so that they may know – that their life and purpose were a part of their own healing and the healing of others.

Through my own stories – I know this to be true. 

Now it’s time to share yours. For healing. For remembrance. For growth. For the continuation of hope, that stands the test of time. 

Your story will forever continue to heal, radiate love, and empower others to grow in their purpose.

I believe I was placed on this Earth to hear and tell your story through my unique storytelling method. From the moment you begin – you’re held safe knowing that I honor your journey. I support you by developing a unique concept that captures the essence of where you were and where you are now. I show you your story by capturing this journey for you to see back. And we create a healing and empowering portrait and images that allow your story to live on forever.

My clients have come to me wanting me to capture their resilience, ranging from a girl who always wanted to work at NASA, only to realize that wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg as to what her dreams would move her to do – to a girl who survived bullying and heartbreak through the love of her horse.

We each have a story.

It’s time it’s told. 

You Are Worthy

Who is This For?

The Storytelling Session is for someone who wants to celebrate where they are today.  You’ve come a long way on your journey in life, and you deserve to celebrate how far you’ve come. You might not even realize how much sharing your story will help others. No matter what you’ve gone through, you’ll find hope and healing from this process. 

You Might Have a Story to Share If You’ve

  • Overcome a major obstacle
  • Suffered great loss 
  • Conquered incredible odds 
  • Experienced a life-changing event 

You have a story to share, and now it’s time for you to see it through a custom, professional portrait session with someone who can create an incredible experience that celebrates who you are today. 

If you’re not sure if you have a story to share, please send me a message here. I’m happy to have an initial chat.

When Rachael first sat down and discussed this experience with me, I was honestly hesitant. I thought things like, “Why me?” And “Would it all work out?” But I was also excited! As we went along further, those doubts seemed to just disappear as God, and Rachael, of course, paved the way for such a magical event. God’s hands surrounded us as we chose the location, the dress, and even the pictures. The Lord’s love for Rachael, Mexico, and myself is so evident in all the artwork Rachael created. I’m so truly honored to be a part of her journey in discovering what God is calling her to do.”  – Jayne


2022 Storytelling Session

How Does This Work?

1. Phone Consult – We’ll schedule a time to chat on the phone to see if this is something that’s right for you. You’ll share a little bit about who you are and your story with me. 

2. Session Planning – Once we’re a good fit, we’ll dream about your Storytelling Session day and what this looks like for you. Each session is tailored to the storyteller. 

3. Wardrobe and Location Guidance – I’ll offer wardrobe selection and styling, and location guidance, so you feel comfortable and prepared to head into the session. 

4. Hair and Makeup – You deserve to be taken care of, so hair and makeup services are included. You’ll feel pampered and confident before we start the session. 

5. Storytelling Day – We’ll spend the day together documenting your story through photography and videography. 

6. Image and Video Reveal – Once the images are ready, we’ll schedule our reveal. We’ll experience the entire day over again and soak in the portraits from the day. 

7. Portrait Artwork Creation – We’ll take your images and create a custom album, uniquely designed for you, that tells your story from cover to cover. Each album is completely customizable and can include text and quotes to fully encompass your story. 

Storytelling Portraits by Rachael Venema Photography 

Rachael Venema is a Certified Professional Photographer based in Ripon, CA, and available for travel across the USA. She has a gift for seeing in others what they can’t see for themselves through her thoughtful approach to portrait photography.