In our heightened state of technology, there’s no doubt we take pictures that last forever. They live on our phones, on our laptops, on the Cloud. And while it’s fantastic that we can capture just about any special moment we choose, in reality, many of us let those images live in a virtual neverland. Often we may not see these pictures for years, until maybe we stumble upon them while trying to find more storage space on our device.

Before moving to Ripon, I was living and working in Iowa, and I had the privilege of working with Interior Designer, Janel Campbell. Working with Janel on a special project, her own home, was nothing short of amazing. You see, Janel and I have the same mindset when it comes to pictures that last forever. Forever is created by the everyday. Every day adds another day to your forever. She wanted pictures she could look at in her home, every day.

Janel had some cherished family photos done by another photographer, and I worked with her to create some additional family portraits. She then enlisted me to work on framing and installing these photos in a manner that matched the carefully thought out décor of her beautiful home.

When we were finished, Janel blogged about the experience herself and had this to say:

“I greatly value beauty, heirlooms, finished pieces & my little family. The endless pictures on my phone or flash drives are nice, but to have professional ones printed, framed and on display feels complete. They are not just sitting on a flash drive, on my laptop, or phone where I always pray they never get lost or will not be able to open one day. The framed portraits I have are proudly displayed, cherished, & an heirloom.”

For a brief video on our experience, click here.

This sums up exactly why I do what I do. If you would love to see your family’s portraits displayed everyday, I’d be happy to help you create your own pictures that last forever.

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