Modesto CA Child Photographer

This little guy has the most beautiful, brown eyes and the longest eye lashes ever! Franklin also has the most adorable expressions.

As a Modesto CA Child Photographer, I love finding fun places where the child can explore and just be themselves. I bring along a prop for active toddlers, like a chair their size or something that will interest them a bit. Quite often it works to get them to just sit in one spot for a bit as they stand by it, try to climb up on it, and sometimes even try to move it to where they want it to go.

That first year goes by so quickly and then once they start walking and then running, it just seems to speed by even faster. They grow more independent and it’s amazing to watch them do things more and more on their own each day.

RVP Child Portrait Sessions are all about capturing their true personality and letting them have fun without even realizing they are having their pictures taken. Getting them to say “Cheese!” just doesn’t capture them and who they are.

There are lots of tricks and fun things to get them to look at the camera without really realizing that is what they are doing.

I always love encouraging mom to get in a quick photo or two.  How often do we as moms get in the photos with out kids?  Usually we are the ones taking the photos.  This is such a sweet moment between Franklin and his beautiful momma.

Looking for a portrait photographer for your Child’s Portrait Session?

Go to the Contact Me page or you can email me at hello@rachaelvenema.com.

I look forward to creating beautiful portraits of your child to display throughout your home.

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  1. Annika Bloch

    This is a very sweet session. I particularly love the last image, with the hat! Such a good idea to bring a chair out, too.


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