Each newborn session that I’m honored to photograph feels like being part of a celebration! When my recent client scheduled her newborn portrait session, she had a unique request. She asked if we could include her son’s grandfather – and great-grandfather in the session. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to photograph four generations in one session. 

I don’t normally include grandparents in a newborn session, but this was very important to this family! Between my client’s husband’s proud Mexican heritage and her parents flying in from Texas, it was the perfect time to photograph the entire family during this session.

If that’s not enough, there was another meaningful twist to this jovial newborn portrait session. This little guy wasn’t sleepy right away and gave us some hilarious expressions!  But, don’t worry, he finally drifted off into a peaceful sleep so we could take precious sleeping newborn photos. 

How to Have Meaningful Newborn Portrait Session

I want to use these photos as an opportunity to share some tips on how to have a meaningful newborn portrait session. I find that this session is usually a celebration for your family. Every baby and every family is so different, and your session should reflect that! 

  1. Choose Your Style – Posed Vs. Lifestyle

First, it’s important to choose your portrait style, posed vs. lifestyle, or both! Are you looking for photos of you with your baby? You might lean towards lifestyle. Maybe you dream of your sweet newborn tucked into a basket. Then posed might be right for you. Many clients like a mix of both!

  1. Baby Led 

Ultimately, we’ll follow your newborn’s lead during the session. Just like with this sweet boy, he wasn’t in the mood to sleep, so we captured some fun expressions. If your baby really isn’t in the mood to pose in a basket, we can try something else. We’ll make sure the session is all about your baby!

  1. Including What Matters Most  

Let’s incorporate something that’s important to you. Maybe that’s your family like this portrait session. Perhaps it’s a family heirloom you want to be included in the portrait. You’ll treasure these newborn portraits forever, so let’s make sure they are all about what matters most.

Newborn Photographer Near Ripon, CA

The most important way you’ll create a meaningful newborn portrait is by choosing the right photographer. Find someone who will listen to your vision and can help bring it to life. My clients trust that I will capture your precious newborn portraits while making sure we keep the end goal of creating treasured family artwork in mind.  Photographing newborns is such a joy, and it would be my honor to capture yours!

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