Many of us are stuck at home for the foreseeable future. And many of us have one or more children we are trying to home-school, feed, keep busy and entertain. Because of this, I wanted to create a list of kid’s activities to do at home. First and foremost, it’s important to create some structure or some type of schedule. If your children are used to daycare or going to school, they are wired to accept a routine. While the routine may be different from the norm, children are very adaptable and you should find them getting used to a new routine fairly quickly.

That said, remember they are kids and flexibility is key. Depending on their ages, expecting them to have the attention span of an adult will only lead to frustration for both you and them. Try to make learning fun. Depending on the homework that your children’s school is sending home, try to incorporate some playful activities into that work. Do your kids like to bake? Use the measuring and counting in a recipe as a math lesson. Does your child do well with outdoor time? Your yard can become a science experiment; research plants, trees, birds, and soils with your kids.

And as for down time, there are so many activities, some that were already available, and some popping up due to our stay-at-home restrictions. Below I’ve compiled a list of things that my kids have found fun and helpful.


  • Kiwi Crate A science and learning subscription box for kids.
  • Chalk Your Walk – A movement using outdoor sidewalk chalk encouraging kids and adults to create messages of hope. Also, you can use painter’s tape to tape a design on the sidewalk or fence and let your kids color in the design.
  • Coloring – A coloring book and some crayons can be all you need for fun. Don’t have a coloring book around the house? Download over 1000 Free Disney Coloring Pages.
  • Ride a Bike – Maybe this is a fun activity you usually don’t have a lot of time for, or maybe this is the perfect time for your child to take off those training wheels and learn!
  • Make a Fort – If you have a large outdoor space, create a fort using tree branches, old towels and blankets or anything else you can find. Indoors? Couch cushions are always a good choice!
  • ABC MouseA website with educational games, books, puzzles and songs.
  • ABC ya! – A website with educational games and activities.
  • Puzzles – Great old-fashioned fun, that come in options for all ages, from wooden match up puzzles to 1000 pieces or more!
  • Charades – Another oldie but goody that you can structure to fit almost all age groups.
  • Bubbles – Don’t have a bottle lying around the house? You can make your own bubble solution for hours of fun!
  • Zoos & Aquariums with live stream animals – The first one of these I  heard about was a 3pm (EDT) Home Safari through the Cincinnati Zoo but a number of them around the country have followed suit.
  • Streaming Exercise Programs – Let your kids get involved in your online workout. Again, you can find these across the nation. Here in Ripon, our local yoga studio, Studio Joy, is offering these via their website and Facebook and you can even book a class session via a Zoom call.
  • Free Downloadable Stay-At-Home Care Package from Big Life Journal
  • Photo Albums – Take out old photo albums to look at with your family and share stories of the memories from those photos

We are all learning a new normal right now. Here’s hoping that these kid’s activities to do at home will help you and your favorite little people get through this with some learning and laughter! Thank you to my friends, Julie Collins of Julie Collins Photography and Jennie Bishop of White Wave Photography for sharing photos of their children for this blog! 

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