Does your company need uniform images for your website? Has it been a while since your company had headshots taken? Is your team growing? A corporate headshot day is a perfect way to capture these images. 

I’m here to help you plan a successful corporate headshot day. While this type of event takes careful planning, the results are invaluable. You’ll have cohesive images of your team that will look great on your website and social media. 

Here are my top tips for planning a stress-free headshot day. These images are from a headshot day with Dr. Tana Henderson’s office. We actually composited the staff together as a few couldn’t stay for the group photo.

Tips on Planning a Successful Headshot Day 

Share Goals with Your Photographer 

As a brand photographer, the first thing I like to ask my clients is their goals for these images. I love to hear how you plan on using these images and where you will display them.

Create a Shot List 

Create a list of shots that you would like. If this is specifically a corporate headshot day, a list of everyone getting a headshot is very helpful. If you need specific groupings, please list those as well. You might want group shots of different teams or company leadership. 


Choose Locations

Do you have a space in mind for the shoot? You’ll want to make sure this space is clean and ready on the day of the session. I usually will stop by my client’s location to check out and suggest potential spaces. The Rachael Venema Studio is an option for your company’s headshots as well.

Schedule Adequate Time 

This really depends on how many employees you have and what you’re looking to accomplish. When we go through the details, we’ll plan the ideal timeframe for your company’s headshot day. If more grouping images or other brand photos are taking place, I suggest scheduling a few hours to ensure you have time to cover everything from your shot list. 

Provide Wardrobe Guidance to Your Team

Provide wardrobe and style guidance to your team so they don’t have to worry about what to wear. And while we want everyone’s personalities to shine through, we still want the photos to look cohesive. I have an entire guide on what to wear for your headshot here for you, and I’m here to assist you with all of the planning and wardrobe stylings. 

I usually recommend classic clothing pieces that fit well and give you a nice shape. Avoid any bright colors or patterns. Solid colors tend to work best. If you want your team to wear brand colors, make sure you communicate that long before the session day so everyone can coordinate nicely.  

Motivate the Team 

I’m sure every member of your team will be so excited about the headshot day. But if not, encourage your team by sharing that the photo session will be fun and painless. I’m here to help offer any wardrobe advice on what to wear and to assure them that they don’t need to be supermodels. I’ll make it easy. 

Modesto Headshot Photographer 

Part of my headshot process is to quickly get to know each person before taking their photo. I want to make sure they feel comfortable and ready for their headshot. The more comfortable and relaxed they are, the better the photo. We’ll work together to plan a headshot day that gets the job done while taking headshots that everyone will love. 

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