Have you ever walked into someone’s home and you immediately noticed their beautiful family gallery wall? Gallery walls are not only a beautiful design piece for your home, but it’s my favorite way to show off your family. 

You may think that creating a family gallery wall is pretty straightforward. You just need to frame some pictures and hang them up, right? Well, there is a little bit more to the process than that; however, I am here to help!

5 Steps to Creating Your Dream Family Portrait Gallery Wall 

1. Choose the Gallery Wall Location & Style 

Start with where you want your gallery wall to be in your home. If you want to update a wall, you may have to remove or rehome whatever wall art you have there now. If it’s a blank wall, make sure there aren’t any light switches or fixtures that we’ll need to consider. Which style are you looking for? If you’re not sure, look around your home to see what type of decor and colors you gravitate to already. Knowing this will help us with the next steps.

2. Decide How to Tell Your Family’s Story 

Do you want to feature a single-family session or feature multiple sessions such as different milestones throughout your child’s first year. This helps us with the design and layout of your gallery wall. We’ll map out the gallery wall before the session so that you know exactly what to expect!

3. Plan Your Session 

Now, we can talk about the wardrobe and location of your session! We know exactly how these portraits will be displayed in your home and what type of style you’re looking for, so now it’s much easier to offer wardrobe and location guidance so it fits in nicely with your home decor.

4. Design & Print the Gallery 

After your session, we’ll meet for an image viewing session to look at all your beautiful photos. We’ll go through the designs I’ve created for you (using a design software to show you how your gallery wall will look using your images on your own wall photo) and you’ll choose your favorite images and the ones you want to be featured on the gallery wall. This allows you to place your order of your portrait artwork with confidence.

5. Display Your Portraits 

Hanging a gallery wall does take some time! You need to make sure that the portraits are level, straight, and just how you want them to look. I hand-deliver my client’s portrait artwork and offer to hang them on the wall for you because it’s that important to me that I help you get this project completed so you can enjoy your portraits in your home right away!

Stress-Free Family Portrait Photography

As a family portrait photographer, I’ve developed a process that’s stress-free, fun, and results in you having treasured family artwork on display in your home. I want your home to be where guests walk in and immediately notice your beautiful gallery wall. My process takes all of the guesswork and worries out of the portrait experience. I would love to help you tell your family’s story. Please send me a message right here, and we can chat.

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