Our world has been turned upside down in a matter of days and weeks. So instead of talking photography today, I wanted to talk about helping in times of need. The COVID 19 Outbreak is affecting all of us in ways big and small. For those who have contracted the virus I wish for you the medical treatment you need and a speedy recovery. For most everyone, we will be affected by inconveniences, loss of social interaction and loss of income. At this point we can only hope that our efforts to “flatten the curve” will succeed in getting us back on track medically, socially and economically as soon as possible.

In the meantime, what is being done, and what can we do to help? Over the past several days, as a member of the Ripon Chamber of Commerce, I have been helping to post “Don’t Give Up” signs around town. There is no downside to messages of hope in dark times. The Chamber is also posting continuous updates from Ripon businesses on their social media sites and to their email list.

  • Remember to spread hope & positivity whenever possible
  • Post things you are thankful for on social media
  • Start a daily gratitude journal

For some, the stress created from worry about getting sick or how we are going to pay our bills, is a secondary illness. My friends at Studio Joy are offering videos on their Facebook page and Instagram with relaxation exercises to help reduce some of that stress.

  • Remember your mental health
  • Practice yoga & meditation
  • Get outside
  • Exercise & relax

As we know, many local restaurants are offering carry out and/or delivery. Grocery store employees, pharmacists, doctors, nurses and many more are working around the clock to try to provide us with our basic necessities. These people are to be commended; from the doctors on the front lines putting themselves in a position to be infected, to the maintenance person continuously sanitizing the shelves at the grocery store, they need our support now more than ever.

  • Remember how hard people are working
  • A simple please & thank you goes a LONG way
  • Send notes of thanks and encouragement to healthcare workers, public safety officials, clergy, teachers and more

And on individual levels, try to maintain some type of healthy communication with those who may not be able to help themselves. Children may need reassurance and to feel safe. Persons with disabilities and the elderly need to be remembered and looked in on.

  • Communicate with your children of all ages to find out what they might be worried about.
  • Monitor what your children are hearing/seeing on TV and social media.
  • Pick up groceries for those who can’t get out and leave them at the door.
  • Make a phone call to someone who lives alone to check on his/her well-being.

Often we think of helping in times of need to be just for the less fortunate members of our community; but I think this has shown us how vulnerable we all are, so lets rally together to help one another get through this. See the chamber Facebook page for updated information on local businesses and restaurants. And see how Ripon is coming together in this video.

For more information contact the studio.

(209) 456-9353 or hello@rachaelvenema.com

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