Taking family photos of the Grimm family was a dream! The mom, Nicole, contacted me because she wanted to create wall art that included their children at different stages of their lives. It was also important to have family photos for their wall as well. Here is what Nicole had to say when we were done:

“The family wall is a work of art much better than anything I could have accomplished on my own. Our family room is now a space that embodies the meaning of family and love. My boys are constantly reminded of the family that surrounds them whenever we are at home.”

In all honesty, while we did update the Grimm families photos, they already had some portraits from past sessions with other photographers. They wanted to incorporate the earlier photos into a wall gallery in their home. So, even though other photographers took some of those images, I was extremely excited to work with the Grimms to realize their vision of wall art for a space that had otherwise sat empty for several years.

I often find myself talking to clients about the power of print. What it means to see, and touch, and feel your images; not just on a computer screen but on a canvas or in a rustic barn wood frame. I don’t just simply recommend my clients have printed versions of their photos; I am passionate about the power of print. So when I found this family who already felt the same way I do, I was elated to work with them!


Images are all around us. Technology has allowed everyone to become a photographer these days, with phones and tablets taking decent pictures. But it’s easy for those files to get forgotten as soon as the next picture is taken. I spend a lot of time talking to clients about the value of having their images printed to be seen and enjoyed by all. Each day, I’m reminded of the great love I have for my husband and children, when I look at the pictures I have hanging in my own home. I want others to experience that as well.

I’m thrilled with how the Grimm’s family room looks and just as happy that they love it too! Here’s a peek into their home. 

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