I’m so blessed to live in northern California where I get to take family photos among the almond blossoms. When the almond trees are in bloom, it’s just breath taking and the absolute perfect backdrop for pictures with those you hold dear.
The Sonke Family had contacted me with a request for their family to gather for family pictures in honor of their matriarch, Ruth’s, birthday. Along with her husband, they gathered three generations, including their children, children’s spouses and grandchildren for what was sure to be a lovely day amongst the flowering almond trees.

The weather was literally picture-perfect that day. My assistant and I got set up for the extended family of 25. But the weather in our neck of the woods can be somewhat unpredictable at this time of year. About 10 minutes before the family was due to arrive, an ominous dark cloud appeared bringing pelting rain and hail. We raced back to my van with the gear as quickly as we could. The storm seemed to be passing after only about 15 minutes. As the family arrived, we checked the radar, and with relief saw that blue skies were on their way to us, so we decided to wait it out.

The sun came out, and with the dewy trees glistening we arranged everyone for their family photos among the almond trees. The effect was magical and their beautiful portraits are now printed images that hang on their living room wall where they gather for holidays and other family events. The cell phone image below, of the portrait hanging on their family room wall, shows their framed portrait customized with two frames to match the cabinet Ruth’s son-in-law custom made for her birthday.  It was such an honor to be able to create these images for the Sonkes!

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