Imagine being able to enjoy your family portraits in your home, where you can see them every day in a gorgeous gallery wall! As a family photographer, I always begin with the end in mind for their portraits. If they dream of a thoughtfully curated family portrait artwork, then that is what we start creating from the first consultation to hanging their photographs on the wall. 

I’m passionate about the power of printing photographs and want my clients to be able to enjoy their photos. Starting with the end goal helps us plan the entire portrait session so that you end up with exactly what they want while complementing your home’s style.

Today, I want to share my top tips with you to create your family gallery wall to enjoy while giving you a glimpse into my portrait process.

How to Create Your Family Gallery Wall in 5 Steps 

This is the 5-step process for creating your family gallery wall. When we follow this process, clients get exactly what they want and love the final result! 

Design the Gallery Layout Let’s choose which wall to create the gallery on and map out what we want. I offer a design program where I can actually show my clients different design options to choose from before we even take a photo! Designing the gallery layout first helps guide the portrait session, so we get the perfect shots for your wall.

Choose Your Style – By defining your style, we can create a gallery wall that compliments your home and looks exactly how you want it. First, let’s think about the style of your home and how your gallery wall will fit in. Are you farmhouse chic? Modern? If you’re not sure, we can use clues from your home to see what you like. We’ll choose framing that looks great in your space, and we can choose outfits that will look perfect in your portraits.

Plan Your Portrait Session – Now we can plan the portrait session! We use your style and gallery layout to choosing outfits, locations, and, possibly the season. This is why it’s important to plan those other pieces first and then plan the session!  I help my clients’ curate outfits for their families to coordinate and look amazing on the gallery wall tastefully.

Print and Frame Your Portraits – After the session, we have our photo reveal and choose the favorites to print for the gallery wall. Then, we professionally print and frame your portraits to go on the wall. Investing in quality printing and framing is key to achieve the perfect look that will last decades. 

Install Day – Finally, we install your beautiful family portrait artwork on the walls so that you can enjoy your gallery every day. As a family photographer, it’s my job to make sure this part gets done and is done right so that you can check it off your list and enjoy your gallery wall. 

Family Photographer Near Ripon, CA 

Find the right family photographer to help you through this entire process so that you can ensure it’s done well and you get exactly what you want! It’s so much more than simply taking your photos. I help families near Ripon, CA create and curate their treasured family gallery walls. I would love to meet you and become your family photographer; just drop me a note to schedule your consultation. 

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