Your baby is leaving the nest soon! They always say that time with your child goes by fast, and they’re not wrong. One minute, you’re watching your baby take her first steps, and suddenly you’re planning college tours. I genuinely think your child’s senior year is such a special time for the entire family. We get to celebrate her and all her accomplishments while feeling excited about what’s ahead during her senior portrait!

I’ve shared more about how to personalize your senior photos and tips to help your senior look (and feel) amazing. Today, I want to share some thoughts on how to help your senior love her portrait and why you should take advantage of a family portrait session as well.

Celebrating Your Senior 

Here are a few ideas to help your senior have the best portrait session. Whether your senior is excited about the session or feeling unsure, these tips will help them feel confident and ready! 

senior photography

Be Yourself 

When’s the last time your senior had professional portraits done? This might be the very first time that they are front and center! Hopefully, your child is feeling excited, but that is totally normal if she’s feeling nervous. This is why it’s so important to find a photographer that your senior likes and can feel comfortable with! Your child should only need to be herself, and the photographer will take care of the rest. 

Share Hobbies and Interests with the Photographer 

Encourage your senior to share their interests or hobbies with the photographer and include any props to help showcase these during the session. There are the more classic hobbies such as sports, music, church, and volunteering, but we can feature anything in between. This is all about your amazing senior!

Don’t Forget Pets 

Your family pup is welcome to join the senior session. We all know how much love and support your family dog provides. Think about all the comforting snuggles before a big test or the long walks after school. Bringing the family pet may be just what your senior needs to feel relaxed and ready for their portraits.

Include Siblings

The best person to have at the session might be her sister (or brother). Your senior may feel more comfortable with her sibling with her. Plus, the banter and chatting in between shots will help her laugh and relax during the session. You’ll want a portrait with your senior and any siblings. 


This leads perfectly into my final thought…

Taking a Family Photo During Your Senior’s Session

This is a big moment for the entire family, and I love being able to honor that. I include a family portrait session with the senior session because I want to help you capture this special moment in time to treasure forever. You’ll look back on your family portraits and remember how proud you were of your child and how excited you were for her future. 

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