This is one of those stories of something you would never think would happen to you. Earlier this year, my personal Facebook profile of 15 years was hacked and disabled in a matter of hours. I wanted to share my awful experience so you can protect yourself from hacking and learn how to preserve your family memories with printed photography.

Losing My Personal Facebook Profile and Business Page

While I was sleeping, someone hacked my personal Facebook profile that I had for over 15 years. This profile had photos, videos, and memories that I truly treasured. I inadvertently was using Facebook as my memory keeper. When I woke up, whatever that person had posted was so bad that Facebook immediately disabled my account.  

I immediately tried to figure out what happened and how to regain my account. Not only was my Profile important to me, but it was the admin for my Business Page. I quickly realized that it wouldn’t be easy. Once your account is disabled, there is no customer support from Facebook. There’s no way to contact them or get help regaining access to your account. In fact,  you don’t just lose your Profile but you also lose access to any pages or groups you are an admin of or were a member of. There is no way to access the page or group if there isn’t another admin on the page or group. It’s all gone! 

I tried multiple ways of trying to get it back, but Facebook is not easily reached, and they have no customer service once your account has been disabled.  So, I had to start a new professional business page while my old one is just “out there.” My personal Facebook profile is totally gone, along with my history of 15 years of posts, videos, images, etc, is all gone with no way of accessing that content. It’s just gone. 

Thankfully, I back up and save most of my images and photos from both my phone and camera, but all of my Facebook memories are gone. I created a new Facebook profile and Business Page, but I’m still sad about what was lost. My experience really put into perspective for me just how little control we have over our social media accounts and how important it is to print our favorite images. 

A Note for Business Owners 

As a business owner, this experience showed me how important it is to rely on more than just social media for marketing. With social media, you’re borrowing space and don’t truly own your social media profile or followers! I’m beyond grateful I had my email list to still communicate with my network. If you don’t already, make sure you have, and are growing, your email list!  The truth is that your social media can be taken away in an instant, but your email list is yours!

3 Tips to Protect Your Facebook Profile 

So here are the things I recommend in case it happens to you:

1. Add all forms of authentication available. Set up MORE THAN the two-factor authentication for your social media profiles. I had done double, but the hacker still hacked my account.

2. Add an admin on all of your groups and pages. Add your spouse, friend, or whoever you can trust. If someone else is an admin, they can access your page for you if something happens to your account.
3. Back up your images, videos, and posts. There is a way to download your Facebook history, so that you can ensure that you backup ALL of your images and videos. With phone photos or vacation photos, make an album with these images to keep them safe.  Have an app like Chatbooks print a monthly book so you can easily flip through and access your memories. The only foolproof way to preserve your most precious professional photos is by printing them as a custom album or wall art.

The Importance of Printed Photography 

This situation has made me more passionate than ever about the importance of printed photography. While you might not be able to print every single photo you’ve ever taken, I encourage you to print your most treasured memories. 

With my full-service photography process, I guide my clients through the session with the end goal in mind. I want your favorite images from the session to be lovingly on display in your home or office, where you can see them every day. Your custom-printed artwork can’t be hacked or disabled.

Central Valley Professional Photographer 

As a professional photographer in California’s Central Valley, my job isn’t over after the session. In fact, my job has just begun! Approximately two weeks after the session, we’ll meet in the studio for your image reveal. After we soak in every image, you’ll choose your favorites, and we can mock up your custom wall art or albums. I finalize the design, order, deliver, and install the artwork in your home so you can enjoy it beautifully displayed in your home. If you’re ready to schedule a call with me, please click the link here. I can’t wait to meet you!

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