Do you know know a Deserving Mother who deserves some pampering? 
We are accepting nominations for two moms to win a complimentary photo session, plus hair and makeup, and their photos and story will be featured in the Discover Ripon magazine. 
Photos will take place at Wild Blooms Farm and moms with their children will be photographed by Rachael Venema Photography.  Each mom will be pampered with hair and makeup provided by Generations Salon & Spa.
Maybe you know a single mom, or a military mom, or foster mom, or birth mom, or an adoptive mom, a step mom, a widowed mom, or a mom that gives back to her community.  If you know a mom that has endured a trial, overcome a hardship, or gives back in amazing ways to those around her, please nominate her for this amazing gift.


Contest Rules:
– you may not nominate yourself
– the mother must be a Ripon resident 
– the mother and her children must be available for a photo session scheduled in mid-March and will be located at Wild Blooms Farm.=
– the selected mothers must sign an agreement and allow her photos and story to be featured in Discover Ripon magazine
– if the mother and her children are not available mid-March another nominee will be chosen in her place


  1. Robin Rose

    Gabby Contreras- she doesn’t have a fb account. She is mom of three girls from Ripona Elementary. She lost her husband almost a year ago to cancer. She is raising three young girls on her own. She is a deserving mom and that’s my nomination:)

  2. Carolyn Dishman

    My daughter Kimberly is so very deserving of some pampering. She’s so kind, loving and sacrifices everything for her two daughters, day in and day out. She’s been through a rough patch these past three years with health issues and with those came along a lot of other problems. In all the mental physical pain and suffering she’s endured she has always seemed to keep a smile on her face and put a smile on everyone else’s. I’m so proud that I have such a sweet, selfless daughter and if anyone deserves some much needed time for her self it’s her.


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