Dear Mom, I see you. You’re excited for your junior as they embark on the senior year of high school. You’re so proud of your baby for all they’ve accomplished, and you are excited and nervous about their journey ahead. It feels like yesterday that you brought your child home from the hospital, and now it’s time to help them enter adulthood. 

This special time brings many emotions to parents, and while I can’t stop senior year from coming at you so fast, I can help you pause, celebrate, and capture your amazing senior. 

Displaying Your Senior’s Portraits 

I always serve my clients with the end in mind! We want to be able to display your beautiful senior portraits in your home so you can enjoy them every day. If we start with your portrait gallery wall or portrait album in mind, we can make sure to craft the perfect session that will result in images that will work beautifully. 


Senior Slideshow – Of course, we’ll make sure to capture a classic portrait to use in the school slideshow for graduation or your child’s graduation party. 

First Headshot – As your child leaves high school, they’ll need a professional headshot to use as they head into the professional world. 

Gallery Wall – Create a gallery wall that encompasses your senior and possibly your family portrait as well. 

Framed Portrait – Perhaps we’ll designate a wall to display framed portraits of your children including their senior portrait. 

Heirloom Album – Having an heirloom album with your senior portraits is a gift that will last a lifetime.

How to Help Your Senior Prepare for Their Portrait Session 

Every senior is different when it comes to their portrait session. Some are generally excited and interested in the process, and some… not so much. I have tips here if your high school senior is camera shy. It’s all completely normal, and with my dedicated senior portrait experience, they will definitely enjoy their session. 

Best Time to Schedule – Generally, the summer before senior year is the best time to capture senior photos. Fall and Spring works as well, but be sure you look at their schedule and see if they’ll have time between their sports and other activities going on during their Senior year.

Location – Choosing a location that’s meaningful to your senior (and your family) is important for everyone to feel excited about the big day. 

Outfits – I guide my clients through choosing the perfect wardrobe; however,  I usually advise that less is more and choose classic over trendy.  Often I do add one extra fun outfit that shows off your child’s personality.

Including (mom, dad, family) – It’s up to my clients, but I encourage mom to be in a portrait! This is your baby, and I want you to have a portrait of you two to look back on. I also love to include the other parent and/or the rest of your immediate family.

Your Last Family Portrait (For Now) 

This may be your last chance to easily capture a family portrait before your child is off into the world and coordinating becomes challenging. I highly recommend incorporating a family portrait into your senior session. 

Tracy, CA Senior Photographer

Your senior portrait session is an opportunity to celebrate your senior and your family. My goal is to make the entire process as smooth and stress-free as possible by handling all of the details for you. If you’d like to schedule your senior portrait session with me, please send me a message here. If you’re wondering if it’s too early or too late to schedule them, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. I’m happy to answer and work with you.

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