Choosing a photographer for your newborn may or may not be one of the things on your mind at this moment. You’re expecting a baby and it’s one of the most magical times in your life. In truth, it may be somewhat daunting too. If you are a first time mom, you might have some nerves, not knowing what to expect (totally normal, by the way!) Or, if you have other children, perhaps you’re wondering how a new little one will integrate into the family dynamics. Like many moms-to-be, you’ll likely want photographs to document those first few days with your newborn. So what should you look for in a photographer?


1) Choose a photographer who has photographed other newborns.

A photographer that regularly photographs newborns will have plenty of images of them on his/her website. Look at them closely; do the babies look content, comfortably posed, peaceful and happy? A professional that is used to working with newborns will be able to create the images you are looking for.


2) Choose a photographer with training in photographing newborns.

This is hands down, the most important reason to be selective, when choosing a photographer for your newborn. Your child is a tiny little person and understandably, you aren’t going to pass him/her over to just anyone. Many professionals, like myself, have attended safety and training workshops specific to newborn photography. And being a mom to three children of my own, I understand that your newborn is precious cargo! We will discuss how to implement posing and props you may want to use, in a careful and non-invasive manner.

3) Choose a photographer who is also a good editor.

You’ve probably seen delightful images on Pinterest and elsewhere, of sleeping newborns in life-size nests or nestled among potted flowers. Please keep in mind that a photographer trained in newborn photography is almost always manipulating 2 or more images to create this look. For safety purposes, I will take photos of your baby asleep in a safe environment, and then digitally combine that image with the props and/or background you’ve chosen. For more information on creating newborn images in a safe environment, please click here.

4) Choose a photographer who your friends recommend. 

Ask other moms you know, who photographed their newborns? Word of mouth references can be some of the most reliable advertising out there!

5) Choose a photographer who will assist you in printing images of your baby. 

Choose a photographer that will assist you in selecting and printing beautiful images of your newborn. Your baby’s features will change almost daily, and you’ll want to remember this unique and special time in his/her young life. Our lives get busy and unfortunately people don’t always get to having prints made. After we create your newborn images, I can also design albums and/or wall art of your precious little one!

Congratulations! Being a mom is, in my opinion, one of the best jobs in the world!

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