Every age with our children is full of wonder from the time they are a newborn to a toddler learning to walk, from starting school and beyond. Each age comes with new moments to cherish. Once your child reaches the next age, you look back on the previous year with a smile. Sometimes the simplest, “mundane” moments bring the most beautiful memories, don’t you think?

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” ― Dr. Seuss

I wish I had a time machine that you could jump in and go back to a particular moment with your child or age that you miss. I don’t have a time machine, but I have the next best thing – treasured portraits. This is why children’s portrait photography is so important to me. I help my clients preserve their memories and celebrate life’s precious moments.

What is Children’s Portrait Photography? 

So, what’s the difference between regular portrait photography vs. children’s portrait photography? As a children’s portrait photographer, my goal is to capture the essence of your child and freeze this moment in time for you. 

When a client reaches out about scheduling a children’s portrait session, I love to ask a few questions to get to know the child as well as your family. As I get to know your child’s personality and interests, it helps me craft a custom portrait experience that will encapsulate your child through treasured photography.

When Do You Need Children’s Portrait Photography? 

Typically, families contact me to capture newborn portraits as well as milestone portraits. Newborn photography is usually your child’s first official portrait session. After that, many families like to capture the milestones during the child’s first year, such as sitting around six months, crawling around nine months, and first-year portraits. But what about after that? 

Families usually do family portraits every 1-3 years.  Especially as your child ages and before the graduate from high school.  Senior year is an important year to get that family portrait before your child leaves home. I highly encourage taking the time to have children’s portrait photography done as your child grows up, as portraits are important to your child. This can be done as part of your family portrait session or as its own session.

Children’s Portrait Photography Ideas – 

  • Celebrating a religious milestone 
  • Siblings at different ages 
  • Capture your child’s talent/passion such as sports, dance, or their hobbies
  • Milestone birthdays such as 5,10,15
  • Capturing the love between parents and their child or of them and their siblings

Or maybe you simply find yourself wishing you could slow down time with your growing children.

Tracy CA Portrait Photographer 

No matter what season your family is in right now, you’ll never regret taking the time to take professional portraits. As a Certified Professional Photographer and as a mom of three, I know how fast these beautiful years go by. It feels like you turn around, and your child has already grown! I don’t have a time machine for you to go back to, but I can capture the moments now for you to look back on for the years to come. Please feel free to reach out and schedule a time to chat with me about your child’s portrait photographer.

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