Watching your children grow is such a precious gift. My oldest is in high school now, and it’s hard to believe how fast the years have gone by. Sometimes it feels like I just brought him home from the hospital.

As a mom and Certified Professional Photographer, I know how important children’s portrait photography is. Children’s portrait photography not only offers beautiful professional images of your child, it tells your child’s story. No matter how old your child is, you’ll always be able to look back on these portraits and hold onto those memories of them growing up. 

After newborn portraits, you might not have professional portraits taken of your child until their senior year of high school. Below, I want to offer a guide to children’s portrait photography over the years so that you can decide if it’s something that resonates with you.

Your Guide to Children’s Portrait Photography 

Toddler Years – Between the ages of one and four, your child learns and grows so much as they start to show their individual personality. Photographing an active toddler is definitely a challenge but such a fun one. I love being able to capture those sweet candids that moms always treasure.

Starting School – Your child will start kindergarten at five years old (and possibly preschool before that). These early school years when they’re just getting started are so special. They can’t wait to run home and tell you about their day while handing you a recent art project.

The School Years – From ages six until their high school years, your child will grow so much!  You’re right by their side as they navigate many changes. They’ll lose their teeth and get their adult ones. They’ll become more interested in hobbies, sports, and other extracurricular activities.

High School – High school is a major milestone for you and your child! As they start high school, they become more independent and start to consider what their passions are. Your child will still need you as they start to make their way into the world.

Lovely senior portrait session

Documenting Your Child’s Story through Photography 

The beauty of children’s portrait photography is that it captures your child as they are right now, so you can always remember what they were like at that age. You can look back at your children’s early school years portraits and remember how excited they were for school and what their laughter sounded like at that age. When the time comes for your children to make their way in the world, you’ll have a keepsake to treasure when you miss them.

Modesto Children’s Photographer

When I take your child’s portrait, I’m not just taking a photo for you. I’m capturing who they are at this moment and creating a keepsake you can hold onto forever. With my full-service portrait experience, your family will enjoy a stress-free and fun experience. If you have any questions about children’s portrait photography or wish to schedule a session with me, please message me here.

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