Bloomingcamp Ranch Oakdale, CA

The Central Valley, CA community is blessed to have such incredible businesses that provide quality with a mission to help others, and Bloomingcamp Ranch is one of those businesses! Nestled in the beautiful Oakdale, CA, this farm is beloved by the community for its delicious treats and its mission of giving back. This guide provides information about their beloved bakery, event space, and local fundraising opportunity. 

Oakdale, CA Bakery 

To understand why this bakery is so beloved, we have to go back to the beginning! Bill and Joy Bloomingcamp started their farming journey by planting almond and walnut trees. Both of which are popular to grow in the Central Valley. These savvy farmers quickly realized that they needed to diversify their crops to improve their success, so they planted apples! They had to wait four years until their apple trees produced delicious fruit, but once they started growing apples, they just kept growing and growing! 


Now they had a new challenge; what to do with all these delicious apples. They sold boxes of apples at a farm stand and helped start the Modesto Certified Farmers Market to sell local produce to the community. That still wasn’t enough, so to the delight of the community, they opened a bake shop. Ask around, and you’ll find that many locals have a favorite dessert from their Oakdale bake shop. There is something for everyone from their beloved pies, muffins, cookies, and so much more. You’ll find they offer a gluten-free menu as well as a nice selection of sugar-free desserts to suit every diet.

Wedding Venue in Oakdale, CA 

Bloomingcamp Ranch is a popular wedding venue in Oakdale, CA, and you’ll soon learn why. Couples that are looking for a beautiful farm setting that offers mouth-watering desserts like to choose this venue because they also provide event coordination services and facilities to host up to 200 guests. Imagine your outdoor ceremony with the backdrop of the gorgeous trees and park-like setting. This is truly an all-in-one wedding venue that offers all the services that you need for your special day.

Oakdale, CA Corporate Events 

If you’re looking to host a corporate event such as a company picnic, team bonding event, or all-staff meeting, this might be the perfect venue for you. The event coordination team can help make your event a success while offering amenities that you can’t find anywhere else. Having your big meeting or party offsite helps your entire company relax and enjoy themselves while spending time together. 

Oakdale, CA Local Fundraising Opportunity 

Need a sweet fundraising opportunity for your school or organization? Fundraising with Bloomingcamp Ranch couldn’t be better. It’s like a bake sale where you don’t have to do any of the work! All you need to do is take orders and submit them, the bake shop does all the baking. Contact the team at Bloomingcamp Ranch to learn more. 

Oakdale, CA Photographer

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