Spring is such a beautiful time of year in our area. The almond blossoms in full bloom are an exquisite sight and the perfect time for family pictures. However, when you have a child with special circumstances, it’s not always just a matter of posing a family in an almond orchard.

When I met the DeBoer family, Angela, the mom, shared some concerns she had about being able to capture her almond blossom family pictures because one of her daughters is autistic. I’m always so grateful when a family feels comfortable sharing particular challenges they may feel they have, because it allows me to really communicate with them to figure out ways to overcome those challenges.

Specifically, in past photos, their daughter was often not looking at the camera and they were so hopeful of capturing some images where they were all engaged with the shot. So, after hearing mom’s concerns, I decided to bring along a tea set that the sisters could play with. After all, what kid doesn’t just want to play and have fun? This allowed the girls to interact and I went to work photographing them at their tea party. In addition, instead of simply asking the family to stand together and pose, we focused on hugs and games with mom and dad, creating natural, un-staged family photos.

Lastly, using a little trick of the trade, I took multiple images of the same poses and interactions, so that if one person isn’t looking or doesn’t have the best expression in one of the images, we can swap them in from an image where they are looking or have a more favorable expression.

It doesn’t matter if your child or anyone in your family has autism, a physical limitation, or any other type of personal challenge. If we can discuss your concerns during your family portrait consultation, your almond blossom family pictures can be just as stunning as the DeBoers!

The ordering session with the DeBoer’s was almost as much fun as the shoot. They selected gifts for the children’s grandparents, images for dad’s office and of course some prints for their home. Take a look below! 

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