Expecting your first baby is such a precious and exciting time! It’s fun to dream about your future baby and start preparing to welcome that sweet babe into your home. I remember reading all the baby books, decorating the nursery, and thinking about my baby registry.

It seems like now there are so many new baby gadgets, and it’s hard to find what you really need. If you Google “baby registry ideas,” you get millions of search results. I want to help you by providing 9 must-have newborn items to add to your registry!

What Your Newborn Needs 

1. The Ready Rocker – This handy item can turn any chair into a rocker. I love this because now you don’t have to buy a rocking chair or glider if you don’t want to and it’s easy to use in different rooms throughout your home. Learn more on their website.

2. Aiden & Anais Swaddles – These soft and cozy muslin swaddles are perfect to wrap up your sweet newborn into a cozy position or use as a blanket. They’re so versatile that you’ll want to have these all around the house. Check out their website.

Ragamuffin Boutique in Modesto, CA has adorable swaddles and baby blankets that you’ll love. Visit their website to browse. 

3. Halo SleepSack Swaddle – Speaking of swaddles, you’ll want these Halo SleepSack Swaddles so that your newborn can sleep comfortably and safely at night and during nap times. These are easy to use and keep the baby warm and swaddled securely. Learn more about these swaddles.

4. Burts Bees Burp Cloths – Burp cloths are going to be your best friend! These are so handy for wiping up… well, anything that needs to be wiped up on your baby from spit up to milk dribble and everything in between.

  1. Ergo Baby Carrier – Babywearing is a must and sometimes wraps can feel intimidating. The Ergo Baby Carrier is easy to use and makes babywearing a breeze. Your newborn will sleep happier in the carrier and your arms will be free to do other things. Visit their website for more information. 

6. Nursing Cover – This popular nursing cover is 6 items in one! Perfect for when you need privacy nursing, and handy when you need to cover the baby in the car seat or stroller. It’s comfy and breathable, plus you can just throw it in the wash.

7. Travel White Noise Sound Machine – White noise is extremely comforting to a newborn and will help them sleep better. This is especially true when you’re out and about with baby – and she needs to snooze! Bringing a travel white noise machine will provide a soothing environment so she can nap anywhere. Here’s a popular travel sound machine.

8. Snoo – This is not your average bassinet! The Snoo Bassinet and Sleeper creates the ultimate newborn sleeping environment and will actually respond to your baby’s needs. Your baby will feel like she’s back in the womb and will sleep peacefully. Learn more about this amazing bassinet on their website.

9. Owlet monitor – Meet the little sock that provides so many parents peace of mind! The Owlet Sock monitors your baby’s vitals while he’s sleeping allowing you to get some rest knowing that he’s okay. Check out the monitor here.

I have to mention Simply Irresistible Children’s Boutique in Manteca, CA for any cute baby clothes and accessories, too! They even offer custom items you’ll want to browse on their website.

Finding Your Newborn Photographer 

Another thing to check off your list is finding your newborn photographer! You’ll want to reach out sooner than later to secure the newborn session around your due date. I recommend taking newborn portraits within two weeks of birth. If you have any other questions about newborn photography, visit my page or send me a note.