The Session Experience

Rachael Venema Photography operates a boutique portrait studio, which means that I place my focus not only on capturing your moments, but I also am creating a luxurious and fun experience throughout the process! I believe that when I capture your family photos, I am capturing your family’s history. Your family’s memories that will never fade because you have the photos to look back on. My goal is for you to have them forever… for you and your generations to enjoy.

I will work with you and your family each step of the way. With booking the session, to guiding you with what to wear, to picking a location that best suits your family’s look and personality, all the way to the Reveal Night and the delivery of your finished art for your home.

Depending on your type of session I do studio sessions for maternity, newborns and small children and outdoor on-location sessions for maternity, children and families.

For children and families I love capturing real personalities and smiles. I will guide you through the session and have you interact with each other while I’m capturing images that portray your unique personalities rather than just posed images. Outdoor children and family sessions usually take around 1 hour and at the most 2 hours. I know children get antsy so I strive to get the session done as timely as possible, all while capturing your beautiful smiles and true personalities.

In the studio, I love posing newborns and capturing them in their natural beauty. I love neutral colors and adding in just a pop of color here and there. I provide everything for the session unless you have a specific item you’d like in a photo. The newborn stage goes by so quickly. They are my favorite to photograph because I know how quickly they change and before you know it their 1st birthday is already here.

This is the part where your stories come to life! After the session I spend 2 weeks going through your images and carefully editing each one. I will then create a slideshow for you to watch on the Reveal Night! After the slideshow, I will help you plan your wall art, album, and fine art that you would like for your home. I know this part can be daunting, that’s why I’m here to help. That’s why we have the Reveal Night! We can walk around your home and I’m there to help you plan your custom art pieces. Your portrait art will become a family treasure that you will enjoy for generations.

Capturing your newborn‘s little face, tiny fingers, and cute toes or your family‘s story as you stroll through the tall grass and smile, laugh, and play… that is my passion. Creating beautiful, fine art from these photos for you and your generations to enjoy forever is what I strive for everyone one of my customers. I’d love to capture your moments in time before they are lost forever!